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Completely transform your computer in minutes. Simply download a verified Playbook, or use your own, and run it in AME Wizard.

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Strong focus

Rigorously tested.

We are a small team of functional software enthusiasts dedicated to providing efficient program solutions with a strong focus on user experience. Our shared vision for privacy, software stability, and grass-roots solutions motivates us, and our community to continue to push forward our endeavors.

Modern design

An app that truly looks at home on your desktop. It follows the modern design guidelines for Windows 11, including transparency effects, animations, and both light and dark themes.

Open source

Freely available source-code strengthens the community through trust and transparency. Most of our software is released under the MIT license.

Native app

We did not take the easy path of writing our app in Java or a web-based Java-script heavy framework. Using C# and .NET allows us to craft an experience that minimizes resource use and is very fast.

Meet Playbooks.

Drag. Drop. Run.

Build your own configuration for AME Wizard with Playbooks, a modular extension format containing simple YAML instructions to be applied. Verifying your Playbook allows you to build a trusted userbase. You can also browse the growing list of Playbooks offered by talented creators for free.

AtlasOS Logo


Windows, redesigned specifically for gaming. Tweaked to improve your experience.

AtlasOS is a verified Playbook.

ReviOS Logo


Windows made light-weight, easy and simple. Conservative changes, highly focused.

ReviOS is a verified Playbook.

Powerful toolset

Gone are the days of custom ISOs. Quickly build and deploy any configuration to Windows you can think of.

- Delete files with confidence

- Cleanly remove components

- Make powerful registry edits

- Install and deploy software

- Run custom scripts

- Modify the user interface


are YAML.

With human-readible configuration files, cleanly removing or modifying system components is as simple as listing their names in a list. Everything from the experience in the GUI, including requirements to check for, before the user can proceed, to modifying the user interface and installing packages, is just a few lines of text away.

Development kit

Look complicated? We get you, that is why we are working on a GUI Playbook development kit!

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Features overview


If you are currently using NTLite to deploy custom ISO files, our special scripts and instructions make it very easy to migrate to a Playbook file in a very short time.


NTLite config


AME .apbx file



All verified Playbooks are hashed upon importing them into AME Wizard, and are checked against a fast, location optimized hash verification server.

Verified Playbooks are always delivered securely to their userbase.


Verification requires registration of your project with Ameliorated. We audit your Playbook, verify it, and you are added to a whitelist of secure Playbooks.

Registration is closed during beta

Playbook services

Need a custom deployment solution for your company or organization? From inception to creation, we have got you covered: The best strategy for your custom Playbook.

Not sure yet? Send us a message!


Jump right in and start building. All aspects of Playbook creation are fully documentated and easy to understand. We also have a large community that is there to help.

Absolute Privacy.

Unrivaled Stability.

Our custom Playbooks aim to not only showcase the power of AME Wizard, but are a carefully crafted gift to the enthusiast community we are a part of. Being functional software enthusiasts has constantly motivated us to improve and tweak the operating systems that we use. Enabling true privacy and maximizing stability are at the core of this philosophy, and Ameliorated Playbooks specifically target these goals through an intensive and transformative new process.

AME 11 Logo

AME 11

Official Ameliorated Playbook for Windows 11. Cutting the tumor out of your OS.

AME 11 is a verified Playbook.

AME 10 Logo

AME 10

Official Ameliorated Playbook for Windows 10. Cutting the tumor out of your OS.

AME 10 is a verified Playbook.

AME Playbooks

A number of years ago, this project began as a collection of scripts, which required the users to run a deletion process via Linux. We have learned much since then, and the move to Playbooks is the next chapter in delivering the AME experience.

In an early incarnation, AME was featured on Linus Tech Tips.

Wolfgangs Channel produced a couple of detailed videos on AME.

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